support for sftp (secure ftp)


I have installed the phpAlbum on a Ubuntu PC. As ftp server the vsftp server is running.
I have problems with the Upload Manager (550: Unable to change into directory).
I believe it is a problem with the ftp client you use.
Is it possible to modify the client, that it is sftp client?

I have tried FilleZilla as ftp- and sftp client. WIth the ftp-client I have the same problem as described above. With the sftp client I have no problems.

Thanks Roland Strecker

support sftp => change "ftp_connect" to "ftp_ssl_connect"


I have invetigate the problem by myself. With the logs of the ftp-server and the errorlogs of the phpAlbum, I have found out, that the phpAlbum try to change into the directory picture-directory. .

( the directory + ".")

Then I have changed the picture-directory in the main-setup to pictures-directory/
( + "/")

Then everything works fine.

But I have changed in the setup.php all ftp_connect to ftp_ssl_connect. => support for sftp.
Maybe you can build something to choose ftp or sftp.

Thanks a lot Roland Strecker

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