Max File Size in the upload manager

I have edited my php.ini to increase my file upload size to:

post_max_size = 50M
upload_max_filesize = 50M

I reinstalled phpalbum and still only have 2M max file size in the upload manager. Is there somewhere in one of the album php scripts where I can change the max file size.

Thanks for your answer in advance.


phpAlbum just reads the

phpAlbum just reads the setting from php and displays it for you as additional information. It means you have still 2M limit there. Probably you changed wrong php.ini. But it could be some other issue. Anyway, there is nothing what phpAlbum could do. Did you tried to upload more then 2M?

Got it fixed

Thanks for your reply Patrik. I really like your script. I got my upload size fixed. You were correct, I was editing the wrong php.ini. Talked with my web host and they provided me a php.ini that I can edit and then place in the folder with your script. Works great now. Thanks again.


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