Blank page after installation. <? tags maybe...


I have a problem with installation of this script. The online installer is great, but it appears that my host doesn't understand <? tags and requiers them to be <?php. So I'm not sure if this topic should be on this area or bugreport area. Anyway, I can't manage to make this thing work, even if I tried to find all incorrect php tags and replace them. It just shows a blank page. There's nothing in the source code of the blank either.

This script looks cool and I'd like to try it out. I hope you could somehow fix this issue in future or guide me somehow. My knowledge of php is restricted a bit below the basics, so I don't understand much about the language.


you just have to replace

you just have to replace "<?" in every file you find to "<?php " (and yes the space character after php is important ...

This way it should work. Just be sure you replace every .php and .inc file you find. Also in subdirectories.


Still not working

Alright. I did like you adviced, but now I get only the following message in the root directory of the album script:

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

and nothing else. I looked the source and found only some break tags between these lines. Any ideas this time?


Same problem... blank page...

Frustrating. I realy would love to use this but I tried with both manual istallation and the Installation guide without any luck.

I get only a blank page and no login so I can configure the script.
Please help!!!

using WAMP 2.0
I have phpBB that works fine.

Open php.ini

Open php.ini find
set to On.
This is what you should find before:
short_open_tag = Off
This is what you have to set after:
short_open_tag = On

You do not need to edit not even 1 file from original installazion of phpAlbum.
hope it will help


please delete all files in

please delete all files in your data directory and run phpAlbum again, it should create new database there. But it looks much better now :) At least you get something.

But still not working

But still not working. Again I followed your instructions. When I go to the page first time, it generates all those files to the data directory and shows plain blank to the browser. After reloading the page I get the same message I got in my previous post. Any ideas this time?

Thank you for your support :)

Hi Chris, I think you missed

Hi Chris,

I think you missed there some <? in some file, but may be there is some other reason for your blank page. But if the files in data directory are created, and this files has <?php in it too, it looks like it should work, but something is not.

Anyway, next version will have this <?php tags.


Any idea when the new

Any idea when the new version with the <?php tag will be available?

Have also a lot of problems after de move to a new server.

I'm busy with the <?

I'm busy with the <? replacement.

Did all files and the site is wroking (partly again)

Some problems:
When I select a album I receive the 500 error page.

Which source file must I specially check to get this working????


I did release new version

I did release new version today with <?php. It was more complicated as I thought before.

I thought I did miss some

I thought I did miss some tags too, but I double checked the issue and found no incorrect tags.

Well, I apperciate your help. Your script does look pretty so it's quite pitty I didn't manage to get it work this time. I'll maybe try afterwards the script again when you have your next version out.

I'll inform you if I figure something out. Hopefully I managed to help you even a little bit with your project.

Thank you anyway :)

same problems..

Here I got a blank page too after I've made the installation. I'm trying to open and nothing appear.

I've 64x running correctly PHP features, but not reading your scripts. I'm also using WAMP5, so I can't really explain why I can't read this. And I'm using the ver. with the <?php in.

Well, anything I could try to get it works? I really need it, or maybe you guy could guide me to another site, having the same or similarly features of your PHPalbum. I mean, I need something to menage albums, and jpegs into my site. If someone know a good way to make it sample, and where I could find only a way to upload photos and read it, grouped into a same page, would be already good than nothing.

Thanks, Mazh


I have tried to download and install by myself OR via installer, but got a blank page when I open the I have premission of the data_skef23/ to 777. My system is Fedora8. Please help! Thx!!

Same, investigating...


I got the same problem. I did investigate a little and it seems to be a problem on this part of the main.php:
around line 1063:
For some reason this variable: $pa_setup["album_dir"].$dir is set to '//photos' which is not a directory on my site -> so the script exits and the page remains blank...

And what is your photos

And what is your photos directory? (You can change it in Setup->Main Setup)

Same problem as Kuriken

At first it wasn't working for me because of the <? instead of <?php
Then I replaced all of those using awk and a script to traverse all the files and directories. However, now all I get is:
upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

I would really love any help you can provide. Your application looks really nice.

My site is showing blank

My site is showing blank page, when i write my site name However when i write
my site appears.Can u give me the solution..

It looks like your index.php

It looks like your index.php is corrupted. Try replacing it.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

It's something else...

Since yesterday the site looks like this! I didn't do anything with it.

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'lang/' (include_path='/var/www/g5884/') in /var/www/g5884/ on line 7

Al the above tips I have tried... but obviously there is something wrong with the language file. The line 7 above is:


I have no clue what to do. I am not that technical...
Any help is appreciated!

phpAlbum not working after upload on website

My web site is but the site is displaying this error

Welcome to phpAlbum
Your data directory PHOTO_DIR/ is not writable
Please change the rights on this directory so php can write in it. (UNIX: CHMOD 777, WINDOWS: setup rights)

you can check this via open my site so plz tell me the solution of this issue with step by step
I'm ready to give you my ftp user and password on your mail ID if you say

Go with your ftp-program to

Go with your ftp-program to the folder you installed phpAlbum.
Then check the photo_dir and change the rights.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Same results - blank page

Virgin install of v0.4.1.14.fix06, 1and1, all requirements check.

Used manual install (too many years as an admin to do it any other way).

index.php redirects to main.php?cmd=album which produces nothing ... no HTML to the browser.

Tried both PHP 4.x and 5.x, same results. Also tried it from the web root directory, then a sub directory. Same results.

I am quite sure it is the

I am quite sure it is the Short-PHP-Tagging which I always used. I am going to post new version now, no new features just fixed this issue.

EDIT: Just posted version, should work now.


Blank Page after Installation

Alright, I have read and tried all these suggestions. I installed phpAlbum using the your handy installer and all says good there.

After that I opened my browser and typed and got blank page. I tried and ...again blank page - all with error ..

"The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404 Most likely causes: bla bla bla"

Does it matter where I install it to? IE: the main /root or the /web .. directory

I installed it under the /web section .. so it is: but I get a blank page as well.

All my other stuff I do not need to put to access . so baffled.

I had used this program once before and it worked like a charm . not sure the problem this time.

I am NOT php savey at all. So please, any help would be appreicated.

and oh . I never found a PHP.INI file as mentioned in a post to edit. Am I to have one?

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