Newest Pictures Wrong - [ Issue Fixed ]

[ Issue Fixed ]

Is anyone having problems with phpAlbum regarding the display of the newest pictures?

When accessing my phpAlbum, it is not displaying the newest pictures. Instead, it displays the pictures from an older album. If I login then it shows the correct newest pictures.

None of my albums have restrictions - they are all setup as public.

The address of my phpAlbum is:

Any ideas everyone?


[ Issue Fixed ]

Try to rescan photos in

Try to rescan photos in Setup->Galleries. Actually something like you described happens only if the new Pictures are restricted to some groups.

I tried rescanning the

I tried rescanning the pictures but it didn't make any difference.

None of the galleries that I have created have the "Access Rights" setup to Guest/Superuser/Friends/Family. I left those check boxes unchecked for all the galleries.

If you access the galleries (Hiking Day - Oct 21, 2007 for instance), you'll be able to see the pictures. Those are the newest pictures of the website as of today. But the main page still shows the newest pictures as being the ones from the Washington DC gallery.

If you would like to login to the setup and check how my galleries are configured, please create a username/password there for you and let me know and I'll give you superuser rights.

I see, you are right ... if

I see, you are right ... if you look at

you'll see the newest pictures which are probably correct.

I'm not sure what is your problem, but you could try to delete all GNP_* files in your cache directory. These are serialized objects which are there to cache newest pictures. So album must not compute it every time page is displayed. They should be then recreated if you access your site after deleting them.


You got it Patrik! Entering

You got it Patrik!

Entering the setup and cleaning the cache made it display the correct newest pictures on the main page when not logged in as a registered user.

Thanks for your help!

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