Mysterious broken thumbnails on main page

Hi All,

I installed phpAlbum today and while all appears to look good, I do see something I can't explain.

On my main page ( I have my three Albums, and they all work, but the main page has broken thumbnail images that don't appear to correspond to any image files. With 'Show filenames' turned on, there are no file names displayed.

The $data_dir pointed to in the config.php file has nothing in it but the three directories for my 3 albums, and the various album*.php files.

Can anyone give me any advice what is happening here? I tried moving the $data_dir and these broken thumbnails appear to follow me around.

Thanks for phpAdmin! Great effort.

Hello Corey, please read the

Hello Corey,

please read the installation documentation carefully. You should not have your albums in data_dir but in some other directory called for example photos_dir. Then you have to setup this directory as Photos Directory in Setup->Main Setup.

The files you see on your front page are the various album_* data files which of course can not be displayed as images.


Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. It didn't tweak with me that the data directory was for _configuration_ data and not image data.

Thanks again.

No, problem :) and you were

No, problem :) and you were not the first with this problem. I will probably implement some warning message for such dis-configuration...

another work around (because

another work around (because I did the same thing) is to unselect 'show this gallery' in phpalbum setup.

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