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I have been a loyal user of phpAdmin. For some reason when I login as admin/admin after new web installation, the account page shows up, but the admin account becomes guest account. Therefore I am not able to see the admin control panel on the left side.

I tried reinstalling the phpAlbum in a new directory, but the problems still persists. Am I doing something wrong? What should i do? I played around with the admin_group, admin_user.php files on the old album. But nothing seems to make any changes. I gave admin rights to the guest user, but that is when i see the control panel. But what about the new installation? Why does it seem to have that problem with the new installation as well? (meaning I did not touch any of the files) Please help me, ASAP.

Any link to your site? If

Any link to your site? If you like just send me your ftp account on


I'm having the same problem.

I'm having the same problem. Has anyone figured it out yet?

Same Problem as you!

Im experiencing the same problem. I log in and all I get is the option to change my username and password. Or, I can log out or Jump to the gallery. No config on the lefthand side.

Please Help,
Steve C

I have a problem, when i put

I have a problem, when i put the login to access the "setup" menu, nothing appears, it works perfectly in the past, now nothing appears... cookies problem?

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