aggregating thumbnails from subdirectories


I've used phpalbum in conjunction with Slimbox (which I also had to play with a little - so it could receive both the short and long description and display them in different sized fonts) to form my gallery site:

So far it's awesome. except I find people have a slight navigation problem going back up a directory once they've used the "lightbox-y" interface. They expect to remain on the same page.

So I tried to incorporate this imagemenu script to help things:
However the way the html code is written is such that I would need to have all the thumbnails of all subdirectories on the front page.

I've tried playing with the phpalbum code over the weekend. And I found that the theme_generate_albumpage function receives the thumbnails (of only the current page) array before it even starts.

Is there a way I could aggregate thumbnail arrays of all subdirectories to the top/front page (nothing recursive - just the first level)?

I've some experience coding but no deep understanding of php.
So I can hack the php scripts to a certain degree. But I don't really know how to use the ob_start, ob_clean functions (nor understand what they do exactly).
I can manage the tpl files just fine though and I can add the occasional variable in the engine.php or main.php files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

And thanks for this awesome script. Been having fun with it.