Several problems

hello all,

I have several problems, and I'm pulling my hair out. IU really hope someone might be able to help.

First problem...despite having tried lots different paths, I just can't get the upload manager working. I get the following mesage:

ftp_chdir(): Failed to change directory.

However, I'm positive I've specified the correct directory in 'main setup'. It is:

The second problem is that 'system check' just renders a blank page. Nothing is displayed at all.

Thirdly, in 'access logging', when I select the option 'logging enabled' and click save, it reverts back and unchecks the box. Not saving my changes.

Also, when wanting to register new users, in the 'Users' section, it states:
"For creating new one, just use the Ordinary Register functionality"
Where is this??

I really wish I could resolve these issues, as the phpAlbum looks like it has lots of potential when working properly. Can anyone help me with my problems. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

- peter

Hi Peter, first, welcome to

Hi Peter,

first, welcome to the world of phpAlbum :)

I see you have several problems, and I'm glad that you are willing to give it another chance :)

First, you know it probably but you do not need Uplaod manager to work with phpAlbum. I personally use FTP-Client to upload the pictures. This manager is good if the users are not familiar with FTP-Clients. In the case you need it, your directory must be wrong, or is not writable for FTP-User.
You can try to use some ftp client like ftp.exe in Windows. Connect to your FTP site with your username/password and try to do following:

cd /phpAlbum/photos/

this must work, as this is how it is done in phpAlbum.

Second, the System-check page is not implemented, so it is not bad that you have clear page there. I know this is not good, but will be changed in next version.

Third problem is quite bad. phpAlbum probably can not write do data files in your data directory? Did you copy them with FTP? if sou you have to chmod them to 666. But it is better to delete them, chmod the data directory to 777 and phpAlbum will create new data files after first call of phpAlbum page.

If you go to phpAlbum page, there is "Login" click that and login form will be displayed. There is a button "Register new User", click that and you can register new user.

And if you will even more help, send me your FTP-Account info on support(at) and I will see what can I do.


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