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i really love phpalbum and also i have absolutely no idea of programming, i enjoy playing around with it...
but there is one feature, i would desperatly need and it comes to my mind everytime i watch or upload pictures in my gallery...:

i would LOVE to be able to set ACCESS RIGHTS for each picture!!
at the moment, this is only possible for galleries...
the reason for that is simple: when i upload pictures to my galleries, eg. pics of my last vacation, there are certain pictures i would like to share with the public, and some i would prefer not to show to everybody, or maybe just friends or family!
in order not to create two galleries for that, which would contain duplicates of the pictures i want to share with public AND family, such an option would come in very handy!!

as i said before, i am not much of a coder. do you think, such a feature would be possible?

please help!
thx in advance and again, awesome album!

ps: i am not sure, what version of phpalbum i have... where can i look this up....?


#1 submitted by plowman on Fri, 2007-11-16 16:10

Adding collection "filters" to albums for particular pictures would be pretty simple if the access rights were simple. By this I mean that if you just wanted to have a checkbox for each picture that was something like "Restrict access to logged in users only" it would be easy, and take just a few minutes to code in (well, maybe an hour or so for someone who hasn't seen the code before). Adding code to have groups of users and discreet user/group access to photos/albums would be a fair bit more complex. Right now the meta-data and organizational information seems to be fairly "flat". Adding complex access rights could potentially make a non-database driven backend distressingly complex.


#2 submitted by GameGod on Wed, 2007-12-12 02:21

I'd think doing this feature would be very tedious as it would require another database per picture now (as opposed to specifications only pertaining to folder). I recommend creating a SUB-Folder in each album that is private. In this way it is kept with the regular album and won't really need duplicates to make sense. In addition the folder would be invisible to those without permission.

I think this would be a very easy solution to your problem since via filters labels and organization in essence creating a sub-section of 'private' is what you want done anyways.