This is a very cool application, thank you for sharing it. I am however having some problems. First, let me say that I am new to php. I especially like the fact that you can include audio and video files in the database, that is unique to all other apps I have found, and important to my work.

1. I am following the documentation, trying to get my site to read new images I have placed in the photos directory (in my case, the directory is called "photos_10fa3e1e/"). I don't find a "Galleries" choice under Setup, and thus no Scan directories link. I have installed the app to my server, created a user account within the first page, login and I click Setup on the right edge of the page, and it brings me to a page where I can change my account information, (password, url, etc), but no galleries link. (Setup->Galleries, and click on Scan directories link).

2. I am trying to simplify the application for my own purposes, with things like changing the border widths around the pictures, changing some of the texts (specifically I would like to change the words "photo album" and "photos" to other words more specific to my site.

3. In the spirit of simplification, I would like to disable the search, comments, and ecard functions.


Hello Greg!

Hello Greg!

Welcome on phpAlbum board :)

1. try to login as administrator user/password is admin/admin
2. - changing the words is possible in Setup->Translation
- you can try to use Flowing_Dark theme (change possible in Setup-Theems) or you will have to edit some files to change borders and so on ...
3. comments and e-card is possible to switch off in Setup->Comments and Setup->E-Card, SearchBox you can switch off in Setup->Themes

Hope i could help you!


Thanks, that was one of those "well duh" moments...
amazing app.

Gregory Little
Professor of Digital Arts
School of Art
Bowling Green State University

e-card 'page not found' linking error

This is an awesome application. Big thanks!

I am having a slight problem with the e-card function.

When sending an e-card of the photo, the email and text work fine, but the links that point to the 'e-card' and the 'image' don't seem to be working.

when clicking the links from the e-card, it takes me to a generic page that says 'page not found'

any idea how to fix this?


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