How can I scan my directories instantly

Is there a way to scan directories instantly without hitting the scan my directories button.

more info please??


When do you want that the scan is done automaticly?
the scan is done when you click the button and ones a day.
what do you want more?

I think i know what you

I think i know what you mean. In earlier versions of phpAlbum it was not needed to scan the directories. But that version was very simple and has not that features as this new version.

But it is possible to do this without explicit scanning, may be I'll do it, and make it optional. The problem is it is quite complex and until now I did not have the time for this...

Option would be nice

Hello Patrik and Trpplayer79,

Normally I would not mind clicking the scan now link. The only problem is I installed phpalbum for my mother/sister etc.. etc..

You know where this ends ;-) anyway as far as they are concerned, the old way was the easy way.

So if there could be an option the automatically do that scanning like in the old versions it would be great.

Anyway Patrik thanks for the hard work and the nice photoalbum script. I am still using very old version v0.2.4 (2005) Only modified very far.

Regards, Barry

this worked for me

Had similar problem myself. Needed Automatic scanning done more often. Simple solution is to edit the following line in main.php

if($pa_setup["last_dir_scan"]<time()-24*60*60 && is_dir($pa_setup["album_dir"])){

The 24*60*60 is where it's told to wait 24 hours. If you change the this value you can control how often it scans. Or if you remove the expression completely


it should scan everytime the site is accessed regardless of when it was scaned last.

Please note that scanning

Please note, that scanning complete directory on every access will slow down the generation of the site. This is not recommended. Only if you have only few pictures it can be fast enough. With 1000 pictures there is no chance it will be ok....

I'm already working on automatic scanning of subdirectories when accessing them, hopefully it comes in the next version.

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