Entire PHPAlbum is slow.

hi there, my name is mariano, from argentina..

First, say sorry for my poor english..
Second, say thanks for your time to read this and the great "program"

I have an Windows based server, runing sambar http server and php 4.

Thisd nw version of the album (that is awesome....) are running slow.

When a enter, on every click on any link of teh phpalbum. it spend 5 or 10 seconds to display it. Even it was cached the picture.

I monitorin the CPU usage.. and it is below of 10%.

I try other scripts on php and it run fast. And I try the old version of phpalbum and it work good too.

Any idea?

Recomended version of PHP?

thanks for the time again

Could you please specify

Could you please specify what you mean with "old version of phpalbum", which version is the last that is working correctly.

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