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First... my english is not so don't worry with me! :)

The Script is very good and i use since a few weeks. But one thing is missing for me.

the gallery which i have, is for smilies, avatars....... i've tried for a long time to have a direct link under the Picture, so the people can bind it in a forum or something else. But i didn't find the correct parameter to print the image-link under the picture...

is there a possibility to change the imageview.tpl.php, to post the full image-link under the picutres?

i hope u understand my english... not so good, but i'm trying...


Hello, welcom on the

Hello, welcom on the forum!

Btw. your english is very good. If you want to print the link to the image, you have to change imageview.tpl.php. Use just what i am using as src for IMG tag and this is the variable $image. You can print it where ever you want so people can copy that and use somewhere.

re hello! i tried it with

re hello!

i tried it with the $image variable. But the Problem is, some forums (??) doesn't support dynamic pictures or i don't know. In some of these, only the link is printed down.

and the link i always get is like this:

but is there a way to get the imagefile, so that's the linkname is something like this:

uh...i must learn more english, it's not so good that i can explain the way how i think correctly. there a way to get the direct link to the picture? becaue phpAlbum read the directorys and converts the image into the "php-link" and i need the "correct-link" to the image.

So...I hope you can help me... and don't be angry about me... :-)

Hi, this one was already


this one was already discussed. Look here: Filename Variable

Your engilsh is perfect, not worse then my :))


Great! That is exactly what


That is exactly what i'm searching for! Big thanks!!


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