Problem with Installation


I have done everithing wich is detailled in the configuration documentation

config_change_it.php --> config.php
data directory is now $data_dir="data_uvgvh/";

I have created to directories on my web server
cache_uvgvh and data_uvgvh

And when I go on my site it displays

Welcome to phpAlbum
You have to edit config_change_it.php and rename it to config.php.
You have to define data directory, because of security issues it is recommended that this is not data/ but something like "data_Ab6Lkj88KJ/"

What is wrong ?

Thanks for your answer

Hello, this message means


this message means that phpAlbum can not find config.php. Are you sure that it is there in main phpAlbum directory?

If it is there, you have probably some problem with include paths setting of php. There should be also the actual directory "." in it .., otherwise phpAlbum does not work ...


Hello thanks for your

Hello thanks for your answer

I have found my problem.

I want to rename the main directory from phpAlbum_v0.4.1.14 to phpAlbum and since it doesn't work (I have change the links in many pages).

I have gived back my main directory the original name and it works.

Is it possible to change the name of the main directory, i'm not sure that indicating the version in the directory name is a god idea. I would have prefered a most common name like "phpAlbum"


You can change the name of

You can change the name of the main directory as you like, it should work.

But you have to use relative paths in config.php and in Setup->Main Setup for the photos and cache directory if they are in phpAlbum directory...


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