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Firs of all, the Script is exactly what i lookd for. Thank you! But now i got a problem with Saving the Configuration. In the Setup Form under Galleries --> Photo parameters --> Show default parameters or Show custom parameters. When i try to save the Configuration this error is shown:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DEFAULT, expecting ']' in /srv/www/htdocs/web305/html/phpAlbum/phpdatabase.php(580) : runtime-created function on line 1

Fatal error: Function name must be a string in /srv/www/htdocs/web305/html/phpAlbum/phpdatabase.php on line 705

and the IPTC Photo Description is not displayd. But the Configuration for it is set in the setup. Maybe somone can help.

thx Neschan

No idea what it could be, i

No idea what it could be, i need access to your setup menu, to find out what it is ...


I have made a new

I have made a new installation now it works. Thx

Now its just that not all iptc descriptions are shown. It shows just this:

Photo details
File name DSC01727p.jpg (click to download original file)
File size 4970.5 KB
Date/Time 29.Sep.2007 22:00:02
Dimensions 3596 x 2592 ( W x H )

Do i have to customize the iptc descriptions, to show shutter speed usw.?

Another thx a lot for this great tool


Actually , the shutter speed

Actually , the shutter speed and etc. are stored in EXIF not in IPTC.
Could you send me some of your picture to check if the exif is in it? Somtimes if you did some change to the picture with some photo editor it deletes the EXIF info when saving ...


How can i send you the

How can i send you the pictures? Should i give you the adress of the gallery? or send it by e-mail?


sorry, I did forget the

sorry, I did forget the email:


it doesent work with the

it doesent work with the e-mail. But you can get the pictures on
The pictures named dsc are the most important ones from my sony a-100 the ones with "bearbeitet" are changed with photoshop elements 5.0
1 is a negative from a analog camera and two are from a litle canon ixus


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