some ideas
Component:User interface

first of all:
as screendesigner i often need some php cms and gallery solutions for my own designs, and i can say: this is by far the most elaborated php gallery with a very good admin area too, i congratulate you for this good job. as i do have often projects for profi photographers who have their own ideas of layout and features i thought may be you would be interested to hear some requests:

#1: would it be possible to have an album opened with the first (big) picture instead of seeing the thumbnails? in another project i used the big pic to get back to thumbs, optionally it could be a link.

#2: it would be nice too if one had the choice if the albumlinks on the left had a pic or not?

#3: are you planning a non table version of it? if there is no special cause for tables i would try myself to create a css layout, may be we could make a theme out of it??

this is it for now - please note that i do not want you to work on it for nothing. usually i am practising a sort of license-fee-model with the authors of such gallery-systems if it's used for professionnels, so it should be not your inconveniance ;o)

best regards, anne

ps: where are you located?