HELP! Tried to change users and now I am locked out.

I tried to change the users so I could have different categories such as family, friends, guests and superuser. When I checked the boxes and clicked "save configuration" now I cannot see the entire menu. This is all I get.

Please check out this picture:

Can someone tell me how to get the full menu back? I tried to log into config.php and setup.php and nothing works.



restore admin rights

Did you tried the admin account?
Did you changed the superuser group settings??
if you didn't you can try the following:
change your account setting in the file "album_user.php" to the following:

array (
'id' => '[account id, don't change]',
'name' => '[account name, don't change]',
'password' => '[Encrypted password, don't change the value of this field except when you lost you password you may delete everything]',
'email' => '[blank or your email address, don't change]',
'homepage' => '[blank or your web site, don't change]',
'groups' =>
array (
'superuser' => '1',[add this line to the list]

this would grant you access to the complete menu.
if this doesn't work you have to follow the instruction from the topic below:




That did the trick, thank you!!!

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