Again Thumbnails are not displayed!

First of all, i appreciate you for this wonderful product... actually i was trying for long time to find a image gallery with such features... and i found it at

my problem is
thumbnails sometimes go crazy when i reload page... i close the window and open the album again but some thumbnails doesnt show... when i refresh it again, sometimes the colors of the album doesnt show...

is disabling the cache feature will help it? what will be the disadvantage of this?

Good Luck!

Hello, i have already many


i have already many times seen this type of problems. This is most probably quite agressive including of Ads in your pages by your provider. You are probably using some free hosting with ads. They put somtimes this ad-code also in css so the coloros doesn't work and also in generated Jpegs so the browser can not display this.

Unfortunately there is no workaround to solve this, only possibility is to change your provider. If you are getting no Ads on your pages please send me the link to your album so i can test it ...

re: thumbnails

hello again

yes i use free hosting but it doesnt put any ads in my pages... it s ad-free...
i began to have much problem with non displayed thumbnails... after this happens, i cant reach my whole site... it says "404 document not found" after i reload the page to make the thumbs appear...

i ll send u the link for my album page... but i dont want it to be shown to the public coz i have alot to do with the images i ll let people to see or not..
good luck!

I have the same problem

I just solved my own problem, pic size was too large!

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