Get rid of borders

Hello all,

Using this great php script, thanks for all the work.

I'm trying to show images, both Th and other images WITHOUT the white border. I've looked through the default.css files but only find variables for the border. Is there some script file that has the border defined that I can alter? Somewhere globally?

Thanks all,

Thanks Patrik!

2 possibilities

If I didn't missunderstood...

1. chosse the same border color as the background color and no shadows
2. set the border values for pictures and thumbs to 0 in menue / themes


get rid of borders

Thank you for your suggestions Thomas.

I've gone through the album.tpl.php script in the flowing_dark theme directory but cannot find any instance of the border attribute being set to anything other than "0". Is there a particular file/script this modification must be done?

Is there a global border setting control in any setup files?



example of output for borders

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