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Version: 04114_fix01
If use "Search" , after click, NO LINK at nav bar displayed to the "Photos" which is the main page of the gallery. Thus user can never get back to the main gallery page.

OK... am wrong about this. After the search and click on any image from results then a link to the "Photos" does display.

Yes you are definitely

Yes you are definitely right, that after search navigation is not perfect, I'll surely change that in future version...

Search not working

Hi, search is not working for me. Is there any parameter that I have to configure in order to get it work?


Hi, searching is now working

Hi, searching is now working only for keywords stored in IPTC of the pictures.

i know but i doesn't work in

i know but i doesn't work

in which field do the search?headline or caption? thanks

keywords and nothing else

keywords and nothing else yet ...

oh, I see.. I'll wait for an

oh, I see..

I'll wait for an upgrade that allows captioning searching ;)


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