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I played yesterday a little bit with which I am using for this site. I installed new module in it, named Subscriptions. From now, users are able to subscribe the content on this site. So if something new comes the subscriber will get a notification email.
Obviously this functionality is available only for registered users.

You can subscribe some of categories in My Subscriptions. You can also subscribe separate Forum threads, so if somebody puts new comment on it, you’ll get an email about it.

The E-Mails are sent to your email address in your account and are sent every hour. It can take up to one hour from new Content to the point you get your email.

Again, this is not about phpAlbum script, it is about this site. You can so still be informed about happenings on this site and about news on phpAlbum script.

Thanks for the post! I think

Thanks for the post! I think any [url=]editing service[/url]
could help

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