How To: add 2nd, 3rd group of pictures

I have installed program - Not 'I' - but your well designed INSTALL program - Excellent!

I have added pictures to the default locations set up by the INSTALL program.

How do I:
...add more group pictures like I saw on one of the demo's?

|-Album 1
|-Album 2
|-Album 3

Please direct me to instructions.

Thank you.

First welcom on this forum !

First welcom on this forum !

Regarding your problem, you have to create subdirectories in that photos_xyxy directory. You can use either some ftp-client or built in "Photos administrator"'s function "create directory".
Actually this album works as "explorer" showing directories and pictures in it. You can also choose some alias for directories. So if you have directory family_dir it can be named in your album as for example "Family Photos" ...

Close - Thanks

I understand - stupid me! I knew it had to be something simple.

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