Is setup accessible to every visitor?

I did not know how to get rid of the setup information.

I think when done fully, it must only be seen to only logged in users.

I installed to photos on this domain and I see the setup link available to me without loggin in.

Thanks to PHP Photo Album team :-)

One hell of a tool ;-)

Pls do help.

thanks once again.

Hello, first, you only have

first, you only have to setup the "setup-password" in main section. After that only with this password is possible access setup.
There is also another field in main setup with name "Cookie-password". It means how long in hours is stored every password you type int so you don't have to type ti there every time you will access setup. But this is stored only on your computer in cookies of your browser. So it can look as you don't need the password, but try to delete the cookies or use some other password and you will see prompt for password.

You can also setup this field "Cookie-password" with value 0 (Zero) and the password will be stored only for one session, so if you close your browser and open the page agian you will be prompted for the password.

Regarding your site, i could not even access your album ( it asks password ) :) , you have probably setted up the password for main directory. Just try delete your cookies and look at your site.

Don't hesitate to ask if you need some more support.


thanks Patrik


it was cookies! and yes, this is my first installation and is superb!

I think I am going to install on many more… heheh!

I hope I will be able to make a donation to you one day.

The support is great, thanks a lot.

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