Problem with huge gallery

hello here, i gota problem with setup my gallery, got a around 10300 pictures but!!! wen i tray to setup/update gallery directory, phpalbum total crashet.... wen im make ~7k pictures all its ok.

How many pictures do you

How many pictures do you have in one directory, i hope not all 10k :) This will definitely not work with phpAlbum. My largest gallery has about 4k pictures but in many directories.

not in one directories :)

i got a good tree on pictures gallery :) maximum 1k pictures and get this crash if want i can send link to see tree on pictures in hfs file manager.

i see problem jump wen in

i see problem jump wen in data directories on album make more 2k files get crashet on script

I was actually sure that i

I was actually sure that i already answered you but it looks like it was a dream:)

What you can try is to raise your memory limit to be able to work with that big directories. Because it could be the problem. phpAlbum loads all picture informations of one directory at once in memory, that is why it is important. Other than that, there should be no problem with that big directories.

Just to give you another

Just to give you another point of data... I just installed phpAlbum with ~7200 pics. Not all in one dir, and it handled it just fine.

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