Missing translation bits and footer message


I wanted to translate just a few words on the main page, but can't find "original", "medium" and "small" anywhere. There could be others, but I haven't checked.
I also wanted to add a mailto link next to your copyright and saw print $footer_message; in album.tpl.php. However, there doesn't seem to be a place where you can actually insert what needs to be displayed there.

I hope you can fix these two small bugs in the next release. :)

EDIT - Sorry, I've just notices there's a "Report Bug" feature. I'll use that the next time.

"original","medium" and

"original","medium" and "small" can you change in Setup->Thumbnails.

You can add in album.tpl.php everything you want, just try it. Deleting or changing of "Powered by..." can you do somewhere in engine.php file.

Ok, I thought everything

Ok, I thought everything could be found in the translation part.

I've done it that way, but I figured, why have printing a variable if there's nothing you can put in? Otherwise, you didn't need to comment the copyright out, but didn't need to include the variable (if you understand what I'm saying).

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