Logging in as admin doesn't work

Hi there,
When I login to phpAlbum as administrator using the default details at http://www.tnl.x10hosting.com/gallery/phpAlbum/ I get taken to the My Account page, and can't find my way to the main setup page spoken about in the documentation, in the quick start guide. Please help me!!!

There is something wrong

There is something wrong with your server, it is putting some characters on the beginning of HTML, probably the header is bad too, and so it can't set cookies, and you can't log in into phpAlbum.

Sorry but I have no idea what is wrong with your server. Did you already tried some other PHP software?

Thanks for reply...

Thanks for your help so far,
Yes, I use a PHP guestbook, PHP and MySQL chat room and I use a PHP script to allow users to upload photos and videos to the site.

Before I attempted to use phpAlbum, I used ZenPhoto, but I always errors about the headers.

I don't have much knowledge in php, although I have limited knowledge in HTML and CSS, so I haven't altered the album at all.

Thanks again,

I've removed the gallery

I've removed the gallery now, until I can get it working its a potential security risk. If anyone would like me to put it back up, pm me.

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