code for actual directory name or other alternative


Have an odd request from a client. For the Directory listing they would like to have an image under each directory/gallery name. I could do it by modding the code but for the life of me I can't work out what code to use in the dir_tpl.php file to call the name of the actual directory name (not the alias). I thought maybe print $act_dir but that did not work.

Alternatively is there a way to call the first thumbnail only of each directoy/gallery and have that in the dir_tpl.php file under each directory/gallery name?

Another idea is if I could add a field to the Directory page, like Directory image as the Short description does not like HTML code at all - any pointers how I could do this?



Hi, ther is no code for this

Thank you - what to change to make random?

Thank you very much for that code, BTW how would I make it a random image?



Specific image?

Would there be a way to call a specific image thumbnail? - just thought I'd ask :)


In the next version this

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