Nothing happens with IIS5 on WinXP SP2

Hello folks - has someone encountered this ? Can't see anything in the forum.

I have installed phpAlbum OK on a commercial Linux box and its live on the web.( I also have it running here on my desktop with Apache 2.2 and it's fine. But I can't get it to go with IIS 5. I tried it first with a host but it does not work there so I thought I'd debug it here before having another go at deploying it.

PHP appears to be OK with IIS: <? phpinfo() ?> returns all the config information (yes I have short tags turned on in PHP ini). But when I run phpAlbum nothing happens. There's nothing in the error or event log for IIS and nothing in the browser - just a blank screen.

Anyone got any ideas ?

php options


Maybe you don't have some php options running that phpalbum need to work.
I don't know the modules that you need to run phpalbum but patrik can give you those.

Hi sackbut, you should check

Hi sackbut,

you should check the setting "include_path" in your php info, it should look like following:


You have most probably other paths on your windows server with IIS but the first path
is very important, otherwise you get blank pages as the including of files is not working. In next version I'll change it from include to require, and so you would get errors instead of blank pages.

Check this and give us feedbeck if it was this or not.

Problems with IIS and XP SP2

There is an "include_path" directive in php.ini Is this the one you mean ? It is currently REM'd out, like so:

; Windows: "\path1;\path2"
;include_path = ".;c:\php\includes"

I do not understand setting it to ":/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php" as you suggest because I do not have any folders called that on my machine. What should it point to ?

Best Regards
Keith Taylor

ma paths were only as

ma paths were only as example, what is important is is the first path as following


this means "current" directory, you have it there in your include_path but you should uncomment it to make it work.
c:\php\includes is not that important as long as you do not have there some include files.

I'll try to make phpAlbum work also without this setting, it is possible but i even did not know that this setting exists until somebody had the same problem as you and he told me. It just works on 99% of servers, because this setting is almost always there ...

so again and exactly, my suggestion would be:

include_path= "."

i hope this helps :)


Problems with IIS and PHP Album

Hello Patrik

I set up the path statement for PHP exactly as you described, but still nothing visible happens - just a blank screen on the browser and the word "Done" in the status bar. Still nothing in the logs. I wonder what's bugging it ?

I'll see if I can find some time to read more about PHP configuration. Maybe I'll try someone elses PHP album software and see what that does :) It might put up an error message so that I have an idea where to look to find the problem.

Thanks !


Hey, I have the same problem.
I tried PHP Album first, but didnt get it to work.
I just get a blank page.
So tried to go to setup.php, got the "Direct access not permitted!" error, deleted the security check, and got a blank page on that too...
Im running a different script now, but I'd love to run PHPAlbum

Heres the info on my system:

thnx :)

Nothing happens with IIS on WinXP SP2

Tried your URL but got a 404. Is the URL correct ?

I have not had much time to look into this over the weekend. Really needs Patrik to sort it, as I feel it must be something in PHPalbum which IIS/PHP does not like. Other PHP scripts (eg for accessing MySQL database) run OK on my machine, so there cannot be much wrong with the PHP install.

I'll let you know if I find anything useful :)


Ok, i just installed windows


i just installed windows server 2003 with IIS on VMWare, could you tell me people how did you installed PHP on it, and which version should i test? PHP5 or 4?

I'm quite sure it should work, there were some bugs but i fixed it long time ago ...

OK I just installed Windows

Sorry to take so long to get back to you Patrik, I was pre-occupied with other things the last few days

First of all I put phpAlbum on a Win2K3 server at and it did not work - just got a blank page. The guys there hadn't seen phpAlbum before so they couldn't really help. PHP looked OK because phpInfo() works OK

So I decided to experiment at home. I downloaded the Windows MSI installer for PHP Version 5 from the PHP website and used that. I already had XP Pro + SP2 and IIS installed. It installed OK. The installer claims it sets up PHP and IIS to work together. I used phpInfo() to confirm that it all installed OK. But phpAlbum did not work - just a blank page.

I looked on the PHP site for guidance - but it's very confusing - everyone seems to have their own bit of voodoo and they are all different eg Some folks say you have to put quotes round file paths in the PHP ini file and other say you mustn't do this. But this was all about getting a PHP installation up and running and I am pretty sure I have done this because simple PHP scripts I have written, run OK.

phpAlbum runs OK on Linux/Apache/PHP and Windows/Apache/PHP.

KT (sackbut)

IIS Problem solved?


i just installed it on my W2k3 Server, with newest PHP version 5.2.4 and the only problem i had was


this was Off, i turned it On, restarted the windows and it worked, i can run now phpAlbum without problems.

Additionally i had to make data and cache directory writable for "Internet Guest Account", but before i did it, i did get error message from phpAlbum that this is not writable.

I get blank pages only when short_open_tag is Off.

Other thing is that i did not used MSI version of php but downloaded following ZIP file:

and used following for setting up:

IIS Problem solved ??

Right - well there is a challenge for me ! I already have short tags "on" and the cache and data folder are writeable for IUSR - phpAlbum does object on this so it can be fixed.

I'll download the stuff you used and try again. Can't do it until Thursday. Will report back.



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