wrong "include_path" results in all blank pages


I just spent 2 hours of tracing to figure out that my php.ini include_path didn't contain the dot for the current folder for whatever reason (seems to be a OpenSuse 10 default).

The effect is, that all phpAlbum pages are left blank without any errors or warnings, even with error reporting turned on in php.ini.
This is because the include commands for template loading simply fail silently and no output is generated at all.

Because the "photos" directory is missing after installation, the "get_directory_settings()" function would exit through the templated
"theme_generate_error_page()" function, leaving a blank page on the visit of "/phpAlbum" as suggested in the installation instructions.

Although this is not strictly a bug, I would suggest to at least replace all the "include" commmands for including the templates by "require" commands which leave an error if the file cannot be loaded. This way one gets at least some idea about the problem....and it not left with a blank page.


This is a good point, i had

This is a good point, i had already several support requests with this kind of error (blank pages) and I never thought this could be that simple problem.

You are right, "require" is here better then include. I will change that. But is there some possibility to make phpAlbum to work with this settings too?
Probably one have to put the full path of the files when calling require. I'll check if it is possible to get the full path to main.php inside of main.php and so be able to create full paths to all required files.

Anyway thank you for your effort and for clearing this strange behavior of phpAlbum in such cases :)


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