How do I make changes to template?

I've duplicated the theme "Border" and renamed it "test." In the setup I've selected the theme "test." I've made changes to default.css and album.tpl.php but nothing has changed. I've deleted the code for the logo and the search field and they still show up. I've changed backgrounds, fonts, inline table styles and nothing changes. I've looked at the source code nothing changes. I've looked at the stylesheet through the browser and it hasn't changed even though the version on my server has been changed.

Next I've changed the name of the folder from "test" to "beta" and all the files are reverted to the original ones, losing all my changes. How is that possible? Am I missing something? Are these files being over written for some reason? All the modified dates are reverted to the time when I first installed phpalbum.

Thanks in advance.

Never mind I figured it out.

Never mind I figured it out. I couldn't make changes to the files on my server. I had to download them, make changes and then upload them.

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