Gallery Description Set Up Not Working

I just downloaded the software using the FTP easy set up. It works great.

I have run into a possible issue though. When I try to describe my gallery, none of the changes take effect. When I save the configuration, it takes a minute, and then goes to a blank screen.

Any advice?

Here is a link to the gallery:


Folder Premisions

Dear Clay,

It seems to me that you have a folder premisions problem.
Did you changed the folder premissions like described in the installation document?
see this document:

I just changed all of the

I just changed all of the folders to "777", and am still not able to change the gallery text.

don't know

Sorry but you have to wait for Patrik to help you because I don't know it anymore.

Worked Once

Well, it worked once, but only once. When I go to make additional changes (especially the alias feature) it just goes to a blank screen.

Send me your admin password

Send me your admin password on my email please .. I'll check your setup. support(at)


I sent it to you.
Do you need to get into the ftp site as well?

Hi, i just checked your


i just checked your site, and it looks O.K. for me ... i just rescanned your directories (by clicking "Scan directories" in Setup->Galleries) and i could put there short and long descriptions of root and also of some other directories ...

Please check it and if any problems just ask for help :)


Can you test the alias feature as well. I still get a blank page when I try to change them.

Nevermind, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....maybe its my internet connection, although I have a pretty fast connection.

Thanks again,

I may have found the Problem

For the Alias, I was using "Clay's 110 Gallon Aquarium"....this did not work....I then used "Clays 110 Gallon Aquarium"...and it worked...maybe it is the apostrophe

I've had that same problem,

I've had that same problem, perhaps you can find some help with this threat.

In my case I had to set the magic quotes option to on via a .htaccess file.

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