errors when trying to login to Photo Administrator

I tried e-mailing the guys, I got no answer. i dont know what to do. I setup everything as i thought i should have and I cannot login. here is the error

i dont understand why i cannot have a PHP album

First welcom on this forum

First welcom on this forum Bohatir. :)
Second, there are no guys :) there is just one phpAlbum guru :) that is me. And some times it can just take some time i answere to people.

Regarding your error, it is just what it sais. There are two setup fields in "Main Setup" to be setted up for "photos administrator". It is FTP-Server (assume this is correct, otherwise you would get some other error) and "Photos directory on FTP-Server", this must be the full path directory to the directory where you have photos. In your case i assume something like /public_html/phpAlbum/photos_xy/ because i found an installation in phpAlbum dir on your site. Why didn't you tried install it with Wizard? With wizard you get correct setup out of box. And just btw., you can do nothing with this "photos administrator" just upload files and create directories and delete of them. The same you can do with some FTP client. It is just sometimes it can help people not familiar with FTP clients ...

If you find no solution for your problem just send me your FTP login and i can manage it ..

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