Sorting of pictures

When I go to Setup-->Pictures-->My Gallery the pictures are displayed down the page and I can change the short or long menu.

My question is this .. Is there a way to make the pictures show up numerically instead of date modified???

I am constantly having to change the short descriptions to reflect inventory updates and I end up having to hunt all over for a picture so that I can change its description. It would be much easier if there was an order to them.

Thank you so much.

Manual sorting comes

Manual sorting comes probably in next version, i hope so at least :)

But you can sort after filename, and if you use filenames like pic01.jpg, pic02.jpg ... you can so sort manually, the problem is when you will change sorting and you change filename you will lost your descriptions...

no good sorting


I have a problem with the sorting.
look at this picture:

Hi, there is no sorting in

Hi, there is no sorting in the picture list in setup. Sorting is active only if you view pictures in front end.

But i think you are right, it should be sorted there either.

no big problem


It isn't a big problem but it would be nice if it was also sorted in the picture list.


Hi there,

i am a happy phpalbum user for over a year. I realy like the simplicity and usability. The one big problem is this lack of sorting in de setup backend.

any insight when this feature will be implemented?

Sorting in setup is quite simple

The possible sortings can be found in main.php from line 716 to 727.
You can modify the db_select_all call in in line 30 to your sorting (that's what I did). you could also use a variable for that an do that dynamically, so that the setup-value influences also the sortig in the setup-page.

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