Restric Add comments feature?

Hi, great software!

-Is there a way to restrict guests from posting comments?

Right now, anyone can post a comment... and they can type in any name. This allows someone to post comments as another username.

-Is there a way to restrict logged-in users from being able to change the name and email fields when they post a comment?


group settings


In the current release (v0.4.x) it is possible to set a lot of restrictions and you do that per group in the setup menu.

if you want to block the users from changing there name and email address you have to remove this code below from the comments.tpl.php witch you can find in the themes/Borders/ folder or if you selected a different theme you find it in the theme folder.

< tr>< td colspan="2"><?p("ID_NAME_EMAIL");?>< /td>< /tr>
< tr>< td colspan="2"><?p("ID_NAME");?>< input name="p_name" size="25" value="<?=$comment_name?>"/>  <?p("ID_EMAIL");?>< input name="p_email" size="30" value="<?=$comment_email?>"/>< td>

note: I had to place some extra spaces in the code to make shure it all gets displayed.

I'll hope this will help you.



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