Some pics display, others do not :(

Hi I must start by saying that i really like how easy this gallery software is to set up, I am however, having some problems :(

I have set up the start of my photo gallery here:

The gallery is currently structured like this:

|- wedding day
- |- - margie & simons pics
- |- - nicks pics
- |- - ricks pics

The three sub albums are the only ones with pics in, roughly 50 in each, but only one album actually displays the pictures when you select it, the others bring up the links but will display neither the thumbnails nor the larger pics :( I am not sure what is wrong with it.

size memory problem

question: are the pictures from the album that works from a smaller size (resolution and/or disksize) than the pictures from the albums that don't work?

It is possible that the available memmory on you webserver is not enough to process all pictures sizes.
so try to resize the pictures from the albums that not work to a smaller size and test again.



edit: I saw that the error message is "you are not allowed to view this page or download this image"
so the theorie from the memmorie isn't correct.
maybe this has to do something with file/folder premissions

Thanx Trpplayer79 for your

Thanx Trpplayer79 for your effort, he uses now some other script:)

no problems


was i correct or what do you think it was?

Yes you could be right, but

Yes you could be right, but i think it could be something else too... i have already seen this kind of problems... there was always only one directory with visible pictures, I can't remember what it was, but i think it was something with access rights to the data directory.

same starting problem


some pictures are shown others are not. although they are the same size, made by the same camera, just in an other sub album and they don´t work.

see for example:

can anybody help me? I have no glue do to...


For me it worked, could you

For me it worked, could you post some link into your directories where it does not work?

here is a link and when I

here is a link and when I open it in Fireforx Mozilla, some pics are shwon others don´t.

what do yoou mean with "post some link into your directories where it does not work?"

may I send you my login and you can have a look, if I did something wrong?


Memory available to php

Be sure to check the memory_limit variable in /etc/php.ini.

16MB usually isn't enough to display more than a couple pictures.

I set mine to 64MB to start.

You may have to restart httpd to get the change to take affect.


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