Parse error, the ever-growing album_tabs.php

My album has been up and running fine for close to 3 months but as of this weekend, when I try to access these pages, I'm getting this:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected $, expecting ')' in /home/content/j/e/n/jenlocicero/html/album/data/album_tabs.php on line 182089

Yes, that's 182089. One-eight-two-comma-zero-eight-nine. My album_tabs.php file has grown to ~4MB. :|

I'm completely bewildered by this problem and have no idea what I should even be looking

Background info: Hosting is through godaddy, there was an issue with the server on Saturday and it was down for a short time. If it looks like there is no help to be had here, I will give them a call, but want to at least try to figure this out first.



I'm not sure what the

I'm not sure what the problem could be, make sure that PHP can write in the data directory ... if nothing helps delete all files in data directory, but you will loose all your descriptions and settings ....


I got the same and the problemas is out of space in disk.

hi there., my name is mariano. I use phpalbum. Is a great code.

Well.. yesterdey my server get full of space un hd. PHPalbum constant generate this php file (album_tabs.php) when the disk get out of space this file was "cuted". and get the same error. I will try to reinstall php album, but saving config files.

This file ( I think ) manage the albums php files and the coments. More pictures and commend you got, more lines in this file.

thanx for great program ! :)

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