Gallery drop down menu in Setup menu.

When I installed the latest version (not upgrading) I have a problem I didn't experience before.

When uploading my picture gallery via FTP I get a problem with the Gallery drop down menu in the Galleries and the Pictures setup menues. Selecting any subfolder now results in only being able to select one of the folders (and this also doesn't disply any of its pictures).

What I mean is that even if I select one subfolder phpAlbum will by itself change my choice to one of the folders instantly no matter what I do.

The only thing I can do to avoid it has been to simple upload only one folder at a time (no subfolders nor any folders at the same level) and then going to the setup menu do a rescan. Then I can select the folder and can continue uploading the next folder.

Didn't have an issue with this with the earlier versions. Could it be a bug? Anyone else experienced this?

I had a offline installation

I had a offline installation of phpalbum v 4.1.14 with a hole foto directory structure.
when I placed the website online I uploaded the photo_XXX directory in one time.
I whent to setup/Gallery and did a rescan. then I updated the description for all the sub folders without any problems.



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