Can't Upload Zip files

When I attempt to upload a zip file - any size, e.g. 1.6mb - using the Upload Manager, it fails with the following error:

07/07/14 03:23:38 zip_read() expects parameter 1 to be resource, integer given
C:\inetpub mpp\htdocs\PHPAlbum\setup.php (Line:1091)

I have checked the FTP user has full access to the cache and destination folder (no errors on ftp server either).

I'm not sure what else to look at? I have no PHP knowledge so trying to understand the zip function in setup.php is doing my head in.

I'm using the latest version (, with Apache 2.2.4 webserver and PHP 5.2.2 on Vista Ultimate.

Many thanks in advance


Check your phpinfo page if

Check your phpinfo page if you have there ZIP-Support enabled, if not this is the problem. You can ask then your provider to enable it.

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