Photo parameters - Reset to default

I use phpalbum version
I have changed the photo parameterrs from my phpalbum (deleted some parameters).
I wanted to restore the default settings using the "Reset to default" button on the photo parameters page.
But nothing happens when I click on this button.
Even changed photo parameters doesn't change back to default settings.
Is this something that should work of is this still in development?

This is just bad description

This is just bad description of that button. It should be something like "Revert" ... it just restores the values of the form to the values as they were when you came to the page.

I.e. you edit something (but not save it) and you want to have it back, you can click that button or leave the page and going back.

Reset Button


Is there a possibility to create a button that resets the photo parameters to the default settings?

Not really, of course i

Not really, of course i could implement something like that but it is not there.
The only thing what you can do is delete all files in your data directory, and you will get default settings as on the beginning, but you will loose everything else what you changed in setup.

specific file

Are the photo paramers reset to default setting if I delete the "album_photo_param.php" file?

No you would have to delete

No, you would have to delete all files, not even replacing it with some other "new" file would be ok, because there are relations between this and some other data tables (files)

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