Images dont show

When I upload my images they dont show. I have GD support with version 2.0.23. I cant figure out why they dont show. My url is

My images that I tested are all under 800x600 in size.

The picture which is there

The picture which is there is an GIF. I checked your phpinfo page and you have only GIF Read Support enabled. On my server i have also GIF Create Support enabled so it works also for gifs. I assume on your server php can read GIFs but it is not possible to create new one which is for example resized as thumbnail. Did you already tried some JPGs or PNGs?

If you relly will to use GIFs, you will have to ask your provider to enable that GIF Create Support. It would be also possible to change the script that it creates always only JPGs form what ever image, but it is not recomended ... because with next update you have the same problem there.


Got it figured out. Thank

Got it figured out. Thank you.

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