different language?

Hi everybody

I know it's possible to have different language for PHPAlbum, but where can i find the language pack(french for instance)?

thx in advance

Sorry but there are

Sorry but there are currently no other language packs. But it would be very easy for me to add some new languages if somebody would translate it and send it to me....
If i will have time for this, i could do German and Slovak languages, may be Hungarian too ...

Language Packs

I also would like to see an area dedicated to languages where users could upload/download, maybe even create language packs online. I think if you build it (and include a brief guide on how to create the language file)... they will come.

Hello, it is actually


it is actually possible to do it in phpAlbum setup section.

I will have to do some description in Documentation.

If you go into Setup->Translation , and translate all or most of the texts, you can send me your translation file.
It is written in data directory and its name is translate_en_utf8.dat

I already have an Dutch translation which comes in the next version:)

But you are definitely right, I'll have to do something about it...

dutch translation

Great program!
All that I was looking for! And free!
I'm going to try it now on the school's website.

Is it possible to mail me the dutch translation, so I don't have to translate the 370 lines myself?

Danish translate ongoing

Hi ..

Just few words.. I have almost done the danish translation. Give me 2-3 more days and I will send/upload it to you.

It's a very nice gallery program and my wife and i use it here i Danmark.

Thumps ups for your good work and keep going on.

Sorry for my bad english.


Hello Kenneth, that would be

Hello Kenneth,

that would be really great to have Danish translation. Right now i am working on many new things so it will take some time until i release new version.
Anyway, you can send it at support(at)phpalbum.net



Font problem

Hi, my name is Ales and I use Czec language in this splendid gallery. The problem is when I create new directory with czech diacritical marks it is not correct displayed in gallery names. How can I get correct fonts? I use UTF-8.
Thanks a lot for any advice.

Font problem

Oh yes, the solution is to use "Alias name:" of the Gallery.

Download translation


Is it possible to download one of the existing translations?

And is it in some way possible for the visitor to select a language? I have English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian visitors, and it would be nice if each can select their own language.


wrong encoding?

i think i have the same problm as ales.
my sub-dirctoris are non-english,
and all i see in the directory-name is wird squers,
as if the problem is the encoding.
but when i translate in the translation section, everything seems to be ok. no squers.
i tried clicking the "System check", but got a blank white page.

thanx for your help.

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