also problem with antispam picture


Made a small site with some pictures about a reunion, have some questions.

- does the album folder need to be a subfolder of the, config.php, data folder ? or should it be next to the data folder ?

- I placed phpalbum in the root of the website, should it better go in a subfolder?

- why is the antispam not showing if someone likes to post a comment ? (it don't work)

- Is a slide show possible ?



Here are the answers :) -

Here are the answers :)

- your album folder can be anywhere, just be sure to setup it correctly in Setup->Main Setup. Only folder configured in config.php is the data folder, there will be stored all informations about pictures, users and so on...
- root of website is ok, just set it correctly in phpAlbum setup
- no idea, there are obviously some problems with antispam
- sorry but still no slide show here ;)


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