add other characset

I want to add windows cyrillic encoding, but i cant find where i can edit characsets. I`m use bulgarian translation, and phpalbum works with it but when the names of subalums are in cyrillic there`s a problem. BTW i think that mbstring is not enabled on my host tnx

If you do not have mbstring,

If you do not have mbstring, then UTF-8 is probably not so good if you are using bulgarian characters in directory names.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to add new character set, could you send me pleas the ISO name of it , i would add it to the next version if it is available in PHP.

Other than that, you could of course avoid using of special characters in directory and photo names and you can after that change the alias name of the album which will be then displayed instead of the directory name. So it could correctly work even with UTF-8 and without mbstring module.

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