Make thumbnails link to albums instead of single photos

How can I make it so that the thumbnails on the home page link to an album instead of a single photo?

I'm not sure sure what you

I'm not sure sure what you are asking, if you put some photos in your photos directory, they are shown in home page. If you create some directories in photo dir, they will be shown as albums, and if there are some photos in that subdirectories, php album shows them as thumbnail for that directory.

I mean ...

Basically my end goal is to center the home page albums (filling the home page) or remove the albums from the home page and just leave photos that link to albums but have them centered on the page. Take a look at and you'll see what I mean. The home page looks terrible because the albums are left justified and if you click on the single photos it takes you to the photo instead of the album. I would like to either have the thumbnails link to albums or the album thumbnails centered on the page.

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