Danish characters

Hi Patrik

Thank you for a great photo album which I downloaded last night. :o) My only issue so far is the use of Danish characters. When entering 'æ', 'ø' and 'å' (æøåÆØÅ) the output in e-mails (e-cards) looks like this:

æ --> æ (Kræmer)
å --> Ã¥ (E-kortet er pÃ¥:)
ø --> ø (Legetøj)

How do I get around this little bug. Æ, ø and å is very common Danish letters.

Best regards

This is indeed a bug, I'll

This is indeed a bug, I'll have to change the character set of the email to the character set of the site, in your case probably UTF-8.

I'll Report it as bug with the link in right upper corner so you do not have to do it ... but next time you can of course :)

Thanx for reporting.

Danish Characters - thanks

Hi Patrik

Thank you for a quick answer and for taking my report seriously.


Same with swedish characters

I have the same problem with Swedish characters. Could you report this as a bug aswell?

å = Ã¥
ä = ä
ö = ö

Other than that I love the script! Really great job and I've went through alot of different programs/scripts and not _one_ has even come close to this one. So thank you for the work, really nice to leave it as open source!

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