Problems with antispam image and upload module.

Hi all,

I used the automated installation and it seems to have worked well except that the upload module doesn't work (can't log in) which isn't a major problem as I probably won't use it, and that the antispam image doesn't appear for things like e-cards.

I'd like to get the antispam working, any ideas why it wouldn't work?


Could you send me your

Could you send me your password for admin? , i would like to test something, and look on your phpinfo page ...

Hi patrik.

Hi patrik.
Login is swanbank
Password is Patrik



I tried to check it, but

I tried to check it, but found almost nothing. Only if i try to load the antispam picture i get "Internal server error" ... this is probably some security setting problem, but could be also some kind of bug. To check it better i would need ftp access to your site ... because i need to look in cache directory and data directory, what is happening if i click on add comment or so...

hi Patrik - I have e-mailed

hi Patrik - I have e-mailed you a login and password directly.

Hi, i'll check it today

Hi, i'll check it today evening(CET)

I'm having the same problem

I'm having the same problem with the anti-spam image not appearing.

Same anti-spam problem...

Hi Patrik, I've been using PHP Album for about a year now, and it's always worked great, but recently upgraded it to the newest version, and the anti-spam image isn't working. All I get is the red "X" in a white box.

Here's a screenshot:

I'm still tweaking the album to my liking, and getting the anti-spam image to work is my top priority.

Thanks for the help,

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