Photo # of ## Photos?

First of all, I am very impressed with phpAlbum! I hope this remains a labor of love for you and you should be proud of the excellent coding. I installed it yesterday and I am having a lot of fun adding personal touches to the imageview.tpl.php page.

One addition I would like to make to my imageview page is to add the phrase "Photo # of ##", as in "Photo 3 of 75". I have tried to retrieve the number of photos (photo_count) for that album but I could not determine if it was a global variable floating around, or, if I had to make my own sql query for it.

Could you possibly tell me the variable names for these two values? And if a new sql query is necessary, could you please let me know what that query should be and into what file I should place it?

Many thanks in advance.

I'm sorry but this is not

I'm sorry but this is not possible yet, i.e. displaying the # of ## for picture view.
And it is not so trivial so i can not explain you now how to do it.

But i will post it now as feature request so it will be implemented later.



Thanks for responding, and I understand your answer. I will check for implementations in the future.

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