Possibly a bug

I recently installed phpAlbum onto two seperate subdomains on my site. The first was a test run, the second is the installation I want to run. After going through the setup once, I went to the album, clicked setup so I could try uploading a picture or two and all of the setup information was gone. I went back into the Main setup screen and re-input all of the data I knew.

At first I thought it may have been a rights issue. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with the second installation. The biggest problem is the Thumbnails and Photo size settings. If someone can post what these should be, it would be appreciated.

To see the section of the Main setup that I'm referring to visit:

very strange what is

very strange what is happening with your album ...

for thumbnails setup see Size Settings


Thanks for the info. I'm not

Thanks for the info. I'm not sure what happened with the initial setup. I may try the install a few more times to see if I can pinpoint what is failing.

I'm not sure if it is worth

I'm not sure if it is worth of your time to find that bug. Soon comes new version which is completly reprogrammed and probably without it because all the data is stored now completly other way ...


New version?

When would the new version be coming out?

BTY, love this gallery!

No idea :) It is not good

No idea :) It is not good but it is true.

I am getting to rellay big trubble. I am reprogramming all the thing, but always i add some new feature it creates 2 new TODO(with high priority) records in my todo list. Right now i am finishing basic user management. phpDatabase implementation is finished. The only thing i must to do before releasing beta version for testing, is the gallery and photos section in setup and some new theme(not mandatory for beta).

Second problem is the time. Unfortunatelly the day has only 24 hours. It can look as long time if you see the "24 Hours" with Kiefer Sutherland but it is not. So ... i said some four weak befor it takes 1-2 weak, i say now no accurate date when it cames out because i just don't know. What i know is , that this script will be much better and setup easier. What is more important, adding new features will be much easier as befor ... so after 0.4 is out i can imagine every 1-2 weak new version release ...


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