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Great script, I find it very useful!
I am trying to modify "imageview.tpl.php" to implement this feature:
In the "imageview", I would like the original image to popup in a new window when I click on the image. But I can't find the variables that holds the filename/path of the original file. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, thanx the compliments

Hi, thanx the compliments ...
so, it is possible but you will lose your security because the orginal directory of your album will be visible.
You have to add following line in the function theme_generate_imageview_page in engine.php:

global $album_dir,$var1;

After that you can use link <a href="<? print $album_dir.$var1; ?>" ></a>
in your imageview.tpl.php

There is no other possibility as the actual size the user is displaying is set in cookie ...

You can also wait for next version, ther it will be possible out of box and withou loose of security ...

Thank _you_

Thank you very much, it was just the feature I missed. I don't mind loosing security, because my photos are pass-protected by the server anyway.

One last question:
Is it possible to have the quality settings ("small, medium, original") appearing also at the imageview page?

Looking forward to the next version.

Thanks again for your help!

No, this is not possible.

No, this is not possible. This would not be so easy as the former change. But i plan to implement this in the next version ...

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