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first of all, phpAlbum is a very fine piece of work!
I tried the latest version after beeing absent from phpAlbum for about a year and am very lucky about the new features.

I tried the new keyword search and noticed that the search
is case sensitive.

I think it would be a good idea to change this to case insensitive.


Yes i think it too , I'll

Yes i think it too , I'll try to get it into the next version ... I'll report it as an bug issue so i do not forget it :)

Other bug about search: It

Other bug about search:

It only use individual words. If I use "Golden Gate" as IPTC keyword the search try to found "Golden" or "Gate" but not "Golden Gate"

How often is a keyword

How often is a keyword searched on a search engine? Is there a FREE online tool that I can tell how often a keyword or search-term is being searched on search-engines (esp. Google). I know that Overture had something but I don't think it is still available?

More on keywords tags...

PhpAlbum is great! I'm switching from Photo Gallery :)
I've a feature request if not already done:

is it possible to have the keywords listed on one side of the screen so that to select the keyword (or many with multiple choices) to show. This will make the searching more easy because you wouldn't need to remember the keyword names and possibly mispelling them while typing...



More on keywords tags...

Hi Patrick!

I'm answering myself to my old question. Something like the following would be very useful (by my point of view) in your next version of phpAlbum!

Thank you for your work!!!


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